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“C” is for Cookie…and

We took the kids to  Beaches, Sandy Bay resort in Jamaica during the school break.  We go EVERY year.  The resort is small and the staff does an excellent job of handling the kids.  Special needs kids are welcome!   We have not put Kate into camp.  We vacation there for the two small pools and the magnificent, never-too-crowded, pure-glistening-white, sandy beach.  Combined with the turquoise water, it makes for quite a dazling sensory experience.

When we tire from Sandy Bay resort, we take the five minute FREE bus ride to Beaches Negril resort.  It is much larger and can be noisy.  But, NOTHING beats the Lazy River and the Water Slide.  My two girls LOVE it.

As a special treat, we decided to purchase a character “tuck in” for the girls.  Last year we choose Zoey.  She was a BIG hit!  This year we decided to have Cookie Monster come to the room.  Wow!  Pure majic as Cookie Monster entered the room.  You can tell by the smile on Kate’s face.  She really loved it.  She laughed, danced, sang “C” is for Cookie, gave a few high-fives, jumped on the bed, gave out kisses and posed for the camera.

No melt downs.  No hiding during photos.  Just 2 happy girls (plus 2 happy parents).  Isn’t that what the family vacation is all about?