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When Kate was a baby, she really enjoyed playing by herself.  She did not engage in games such as Peek-a-boo.  She did not follow my gaze.  Kate learned to make eye contact, respond to her name, and point with the help of Early Intervention.  There were so many skills that come so easily to many children  that she had to work hard at to learn.  Today she discovered another skill!

Kate was eating yogurt this morning for breakfast, while watching a video.  Kate seems to eat more and have less problem with sensory issues when she watches something while she is eating.  I really enjoy the summer because Kate can watch sailboats or watch birds fly by and she often does not need a video to help her eat.  When Kate finished her yogurt she had some on her lips.  I asked Kate to lick her lips.   Kate proceeded to give me an awkward smile.  (Smiling is another issue for another time.)

I said, “Kate, watch mommy.”  I licked my lips and she imitated me!  Fortunately for Kate, once she acquires a skill set she does not lose it.  It was just the first step, but it was a big one.  I decided to try imitation with Kate again.  An hour later I asked Kate to tap her head, touch her nose, put her hands in the air and give me a high-five.  She imitated each step.  Great!  So far 2012 is looking good.

What skill is your child working on in 2012?


Three Cheers for the Special Needs Parent

To Those of You That Just Don’t “Get It” and to the Those of you that Do:

Special needs parents wear so many hats!  We also provide many services to our children that many people cannot fathom.  And, we do it with remarkable skills we did not know we possessed, until we needed to stand and deliver for our child.  Three cheers for those of us that completely comprehend this list!

Sometimes I feel like a:

Night Watchman – Late nights because our child does not sleep.

Gourmet Chef – Preparing Special Diets which may include several different meals for different family members.

Service Coordinator – Planning for a wide variety of therapists.

Chauffeur – How else would my child get to all those therapy appointments?

Researcher Extraordinaire!

Fearless Advocate – Because our child deserves it!

Cheer Leader – We celebrate EVERY victory large or small.  Believe us NOTHING is small.

We possess the following abilities or qualities:

Grace under fire (or not) when encountering annoying stares from others when out in public.

Gratitude for those that do “get it”.

Above and beyond nursing skills.

The patience of a Saint.

The bravery of a Warrior.

The heroics of an Army General.

The ability to persevere under excruciatingly difficult circumstances.

Last but not least, here are a few other things you should know. We gave up countless vacations, parties, social engagements  and dinners because our child would be uncomfortable or we could not find adequate care.  We love being social but not at the risk of our child’s safety or emotional well-being.  We get tired of constantly advocating for our child, but we cannot rest until our voices are heard!  Sometimes our faith is shaken, buried, hibernating but it always returns because every special needs parent is resilient!

So here’s to us, the Special Needs Parent!  Hip Hip Horray!  Hip Hip Horrray!  Hip Hip Horray!

(Please feel free to add anything I may have forgotten.)