1 out of 5 diagnosed with autism is a girl! We promote autism awareness for girls.

Spilled Juice….

Kate is busy watching her iPad during dinner.  This is very typical for her.  Her little sister “D” is enjoying her meal.  Glenn and I are having our dinner as well.  Suddenly, D’s juice spills.  Glenn yells out, “Oh noooooo!”  And then a small miracle happens…Kate picks up her napkin and attempts to clean up the spill!  For just a second, I saw Kate fully aware, ready to help!  How exciting!  “D” begins to cry.  Kate hides her eyes and starts to shut down.

Autism is a mighty beast.  It slows everything down to a snail’s pace.  You learn to really appreciate those small moments that most people take for granted.  A young girl notices that something spills, she responds quickly, offering help.  My soul feels like dancing – for just a moment.  Suddenly the moment is gone.

A younger child feels bad for spilling her juice, which causes her daddy to yell “Oh noooooo!”  She begins to cry.

And Kate hides her eyes and disappears.  All we can do is tell “D” don’t worry its just juice.  We quickly clean it up and pour her a new glass.  She stops crying.  And we wait, like we always do for Kate to reappear.  Autism is a mighty beast.


Comments on: "Spilled Juice…." (1)

  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean!

    There is just a glimpse every now and then. Like those very few times she has heard the baby crying and picked him up to comfort him. Or the one time she actually realized that she hurt someone – and offered her version of a heartfelt apology! Or when she joyfully said ‘ok everyone, lets go play together’! Those are single moments in time I will treasure – brief as they were – and hold out hope that as they get older those moments will come more frequently.

    How many times have I encouraged her to pay attention, act empathetic, or at the very least – helpful? About a million times I point things out…only to have her give me a blank stare as if I’m speaking Martian. Maybe I am. Maybe it’s too much to ask. I don’t know, I’m just a mom travelin’ the road, hoping to help my girls make the most of their lives.

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