1 out of 5 diagnosed with autism is a girl! We promote autism awareness for girls.

No Applause Required

The New Piano

My husband and I have wanted to buy our daughter, Kate a piano for quite some time.  The problem with autism is that it takes up so much time.  Time for special needs class, time to travel to and from class, time for therapy after school, time for special cooking for dinner (feeding issues), huge amounts of time for feeding, time for cajoling any verbal interaction I can get from Kate, bath time, and (whew!) time for bed!  After many many months we finally got that piano.  Kate has been taking music therapy classes for 3 years.  She can play the piano by ear.  One of her blessings and talents is perfect pitch.  So we just knew she would love, love, love a piano in the house.

My mom volunteered to entertain our two young daughters in Kate’s bedroom while the family surprise piano arrived.  The girls shouted with pure delight at their first glimpse of the piano in our living room.  They sat on the bench together and just banged on it for a few minutes.  Wow!  They actually sat and played together!  As awful as the banging sounds, it also sounds like the sweetest music ever played in our home.  Autism has made our family slow down to a crawl and appreciate things that many families miss.  Two young girls banging together on a piano, in sync.  No gentle sweet tones, no melody, no harmony, no pitch, no one to impress….and no applause required.


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